Double standards

The recent terrorist attack that killed high ranking Syrian government officials in Damascus hardly warranted much more than a vague condemnation from UN officials , perhaps because it was carried out by militants closely linked to them. Financial and logistical assistance (at least) from Saudi Arabia and Qatar to the well armed militias causing mayhem in Syria directly implicate the UN. The reaction from the MSM contrasts starkly with terrorist attacks inflicted on ‘our side’. If reality is inconvenient – Ignore it.

No-one needs reminding that Barack Obama routinely ignores International Laws unless it’s the Iranians , Palestinians or Syrians who are alleged to have committed crimes. Merely having an acquaintance accused of terrorism can result in sustained and brutal consequences for ‘normal’ preople. The US and UK in particular haven’t hidden their alliance with the so called Free Syrian Army and have promoted their cause over the last year or so , painting them as valiant heroes. The chaos created in Libya seems to have inspired them to do a similar hatchet job on Syria and as would be expected , the worlds major media sources haven’t exactly highlighted the miserable aftermath that now confronts the Libyans.

The racist ethnic cleansing inflicted on the many Africans that were living in Libya is ignored. The militias that now rule Libya have created fear in many Libyans that Gadaffi could only dream of. If the Syrian people do want to allow the very same kind of people to rule their country it would be tragic and bloody. The violence will not end even if Assad leaves now. The template called Libya looks grim indeed.

The many ‘civilian massacres’ allegedly committed by the regular Syrian army which the MSM have reported on have serious questions concerning who the perpetrators were and indeed the victims. The journalists haven’t been quite so eager to find out the truth once the headlines have made a dramatic impact and then faded away. Sniper gunmen have regularly been described as Assad’s troops but how does anyone know who they are? I was under the impression that a sniper tries to remain invisible but maybe these gunmen have national flags and military uniforms instead of camouflage.

It seems that journalists across the media can only repeat the propaganda spewing from the mouths of extremely suspicious Syrian liberation groups , Hilary Clinton , William Hague and the hapless Kofi Annan.


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