Real revenge ……………

Using a conservative estimate of the deaths in Iraq from the US/UK invasion , it equates to a 9/11 every day for five years. I read this on Arthur Silvers blog ‘powerofnarrative ‘ earlier today. Sobering figures such as these don’t include the effects and subsequent misery we have inflicted on Iraq. The fabric of society was destroyed , people live in constant fear…The ones that didn’t flee the country with the only things they could carry. Our governments bombed their water and electric systems. A company called Bechtel criminally failed to repair the water system after being paid to do so. Eventually they bailed out on Iraq.
The corruption and theft from Iraq by mainly US companies is truly breathtaking. The destruction of a vital infrastructure such as water systems can be just as lethal as a bomb ..Resulting however in a much slower , painful death. Many well respected scholars and scientists have been assassinated. Womens right to wear clothes that other societies can wear without fear has gone in many regions. Historical sites were deliberately destroyed and vandalised by the invading army , museums looted. The five years of ‘9/11’s would be bad enough …. The complete destruction of Iraqi society is ongoing.


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