If anti-UK government protestors were to try and take control of Birmingham in England by violently attacking police stations and government buildings , would they be allowed to do so? What if the ‘rebel Free British Army’ cited torture , oppression and government corruption as their contentious issues? What if they refused repeated international calls for both parties to begin discussion and dialogue to solve their differences peacefully?
The rebel forces in Syria have refused dialogue with Assad’s’ government throughout the conflict. The free Syrian army have similarly rejected all calls for ceasefire. The Syrian people have genuine grievances over how Assad and indeed his father before him ruled the country and i’m not defending the current Syrian government. My concerns for Syria are founded on the Libyan ‘revolution’
The UK media didn’t give ‘we’ , the taxpayers of this country the truth regarding the overthrow of Gaddafi they simply repeated UK government propaganda. Libyan elections were briefly mentioned a few weeks ago , however the chaos that grips the country generally is ignored. The massive damage that our bombs inflicted on Libya won’t be shown on the front pages of the Daily Mail anytime soon. Gaddafi’s son doesn’t look like being handed over for a fair trial (isn’t it curious how there were never calls for Saddam Hussein be tried at the Hague?). The murder of Gaddafi senior fairly well summed up the lawlessness in which ‘our’ side deliberately slides into when it’s convenient for us. It’s a disgusting hypocrisy which should be exposed by the main stream media but i won’t hold my breath waiting for it to happen.

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