Iranian peace initiative.

Despite being continually labelled as demonic by western media and governments alike , Iran have taken the initiative to hold a Syrian peace conference aimed at stopping the violence and bringing both sides to the table for discussions.
Compare this to the US/UK/Saudi and Qatar initiatives of arming and paying the salaries of mercenaries drawn to Syria and insisting Assad doesn’t respond to the provocation.
The chief foreign correspondent for the Telegraph , David Blair sums up all that is wrong in the British media. He claims that Iran has been the reason Syria has fallen into a civil war and fails to mention support for the rebels from those beacons of democracy Saudi Arabia. He claims that Syrian troops (using Iranian supplied weaponry) slaughtered the peaceful protesters at the start of the troubles. It’s unproven as to who killed many of those protesters however it is fair to say that the Free Syrian Army quickly became more than a nuisance to Assad. How long does it take to procure an army capable of even trying to make inroads on such a capable army as that of Syria? My theory is that they were already well organised before the conflict erupted and who knows …Maybe involved as the catalyst to provoke such worldwide headlines.
David Blair is a willing accomplice to those trying to throw Syria into chaos …All from the safety of his own plush office. It would be a pleasure to debate Mr Blair on the facts related to Syria. Even though he has vast resources to ascertain the truth of events he fails miserably to use them. Is he lazy or simply a warmonger and propagandist for whoever craves to be rid of Assad no matter what the cost to Syrian people?


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