William Hague: Supporting and facilitating terrorism

Quite a few Muslims in the UK will know what it’s like to be associated to alleged terrorists. They are routinely arrested and questioned over attempted terrorist atrocities because they have been an acquaintance or friend of a suspect.

The US try to prosecute people with tenuous links to the most unlikely terrorist attacks , usually inspired by a shady instigator who disappears as soon as the attempted crime is revealed. They need no such tactics to prosecute William Hague. He’s openly admitted to donating £5 million (of UK taxpayers money) to a variety of extremist factions bringing chaos to Syria. On the day he announced it , there was a ministry of defence statement confirming the death of a British soldier in Afghanistan. I wonder how the soldiers family feel knowing that the extremist ideology (from the British government point of view**) that prevail amongst the Taliban was being rewarded in Syria to acquire ‘none lethal’ support to attack Assad’s government troops. Hardly a cigarette paper can be placed between the Taliban and the Free Syria Army philosophically speaking , although it could well be argued that the Taliban are defending their lands from invaders. If we try to stand in the shoes of the Afghanistan people , how would we respond to invaders? Offer them cups of tea and scones?
The message from Hague is absolutely clear. Terrorists are fine if they do something we (the UK and allies) approve of. For what it’s worth Mr Hague , i do not approve. It disgusts me that my taxes are being given to the animals purporting to be the Free Syria Army. It’s unlikely I would ever have the wealth or power to do anything about this crime …You’ll be well and truly in the shit if I do , Mr Hague.

** The Taliban are terrorists from the British governments perspective , but I don’t regard them as being such. I might not approve of some of their crazy ideas regarding the role of women in society and their extremely odd religious zeal but I do support their right to defend against any invading army , just as we would do if were invaded. The excuse that ‘we’ were going in to find Bin Laden wasn’t true. We went in because of a pipeline deal and the fact that the Taliban had very recently prohibited the cultivation of opium because it was deemed to be against Islam. If you don’t believe me , do some research on opium production levels.


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