Julian Assange

Wikileaks lack of revelations concerning Israel has always made me slightly suspicious about their integrity but putting that aside , I support Julian Assange’s campaign to avoid being extradited to Sweden. The Swedish authorities have already had the chance to interview him previously. After the allegations were initially made about sexual misconduct, Assange remained in Sweden for two weeks and even asked them if he would be required to be interviewed further and if not , would he be free to leave Sweden. He was given permission to leave and it wasn’t until after he left that the investigators decided they did want to interview him after all. He has previously offered to be interviewed in the UK by Swedish police but more importantly has offered to go to Sweden of his own free will if they give him a guarantee that he will not be subsequently extradited to a third country (US).
It appears that Sweden will not give that guarantee. I presume the reason he can’t be extradited from the UK directly is because the UK Government will not allow extradition to a country where there is even a slight chance that the suspect may be executed. I can only speculate that the US can not give such reassurances in the case of Assange and so it would appear that despite being very low key over Assange , the US authorities are itching to get hold of him.


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