Robert Fisk

I’ve always admired Robert Fisk and over the years he has been steadfast in his beliefs. His bravery typifies the long lost art of proper journalism and by not reporting in a pro Western way he’s defied those that would have brought his career to a swift end. This is the way modern journalism works… Ask the wrong questions to the people in power and you get replaced with someone who asks the right questions. Tricky questions are allowed but there are many questions that aren’t. Ask them at your peril.
Not that analysing government statements is journalism but I’m sure it’s a very well paid job for those that can ignore their moral compass. Whilst being a totally different type of journalist , Fisk seems to have found many people in agreement to his thoughtful views and observations.
He is very knowledgeable of Assad’s fathers crimes against factions in the 80’s and I’m quite sure despicable things happened to many innocent people. However , are we to believe that Obama is any different to Bush? Clinton that much different to Cheney? Sure , they don’t have quite as much blood on their hands as the aforementioned but they are still very much soaked in it and have their hands filthy by their acts related to foreign policy. Furthermore , are we to believe the same of Cameron whose fairy queen pit-bull Hague has suddenly found some balls? Is Fisk convinced that the hand of Israel isn’t up to no good? This is the background and reasoning as to why I do not agree with Fisk on this occasion and to be honest I’m very disappointed he thinks this way. His years of experience going to places that many wouldn’t dare indicate to me that he knows exactly what the situation is.


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