Children in Fallujah , Iraq are being born with the most horrendous birth defects that have only become prevalent since ‘the siege of Fallujah’ (which was a strategy used to stop resistance to the invasion). Being born disabled is bad enough but being born disabled in a place that has been decimated and had all it’s infrastructure systematically destroyed must be unbearable. The relatives of the victims of 9/11 have obviously suffered and it seems there is a high incidence of cancer amongst people that were around the crime scene shortly after the attack. These people have been promised tests for up to 50 different cancers.
Depleted Uranium was used in Fallujah and is the most likely reason for the birth defects. Thanks to us , it is still far too dangerous in many parts of Iraq to ascertain accurate figures concerning many aspects of life …Including these defects. Many relatives of 9/11 victims were paid a lot of money in compensation and whilst it can never stop the pain for those people, it can help them to rebuild their lives in a small way.
The relatives of 17 people killed in a shooting rampage by a US soldier in southern Afghanistan have been paid tens of thousands of dollars in compensation, however this would have been a much higher level of compensation aimed to quell the media furore. I read somewhere that it’s normally a few hundred US dollars to pacify relatives. The Iraqis visiting the hospitals in search of treatment for their malformed babies will not get tests for 50 different types of cancer. Iraq had one of the best health care systems in the middle east under Saddam. We sent it back to the stone age. So not only did we bomb them with DU, we destroyed their only way of getting any credible treatment for what we did to them. Hearing Obama , Clinton and their cronies spouting off about human rights for Syrians makes my blood boil. They don’t care , they never have done and they never will. So there must be another reason why they are pretending to be concerned.
I will have a lot more sympathy for victims of 9/11 when I see an equal level of sympathy for the deformed or orphaned children of Iraq. They had nothing to do with 9/11 and neither did Saddam. The total lack of a scientific crime investigation will make sure we never do know who actually was responsible.


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