Prove the unprovable ……Yet again.

The Israeli PM , Binyamin Netanyahu made a speech at the UN yesterday. He reiterated the accusation that Iran are getting closer to achieve the procurement of nuclear weapons via their domestic nuclear program. Normally , such an occasion would be all over the mainstream media news and as I returned from work last night , radio four was giving it plenty of air time. Obviously , the radio doesn’t transmit images or perhaps they wouldn’t have been so quick to repeat his declarations.
I was surprised at the lack of the publicity given to his words. I know that Israel is only a tiny nation with only a few million people living there but despite these facts they seem to get their opinion across to the rest of us as if it were a super-power. I decided to take a look at his address to the UN and then I found out why he didn’t get much media coverage.
He didn’t seem as confident as usual and I noticed he was turning the pages of his notes over far too regularly for him to be reading from them (unless they were merely pictures to remind him of what to say). Furthermore he seemed anxious ·..It’s hard to explain … He reminded me of a child trying to convince his parents that he didn’t do something when they actually watched him do it. He stressed the importance of Israel to the world community and how they helped everyone and treated everyone equally and then he talked about Iran. His speech became more embarrassing as it progressed. His lies became more obvious and the embarrassed applause from the UN delegates were unconvincing.
He’s been proclaiming Iran is on the edge of being a nuclear armed country for years , he admitted this himself. The speech was a a pack of lies…. An honest and unbiased observer who had the real fact’s in front of them would dismiss his fantasy speech and maybe that is why he hasn’t been all over the news today. He’s been edited out. Even the mainstream media can’t do a lot with this see through charade.


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