A policy of starvation … A Nazi strategy

Excerpts from a Jonathan Cook article that recently appeared on Information Clearing House website:

“While the health ministry determined that Gazans needed daily an average of 2,279 calories each to avoid malnutrition – requiring 170 trucks a day – military officials then found a host of pretexts to whittle down the trucks to a fraction of the original figure.
The reality was that, in this period, an average of only 67 trucks – much less than half of the minimum requirement – entered Gaza daily. This compared to more than 400 trucks before the blockade began.
Israel’s protests that the document was merely a “rough draft” and never implemented are barely credible – and, anyway, beside the point. If the politicians and generals were advised by health experts that Gaza needed at least 170 trucks a day, why did they oversee a policy that allowed in only 67?”

Israel may insist it wasn’t policy but the reality is that only 67 trucks of food was allowed in when the bare minimum to adequately nourish the people of Gaza was 170 trucks. The conclusion is that the Israeli government lied. My comparison to Nazi behaviour is fair. In fact it’s estimated that many German prisoners died as a result of air raids by the allies towards the end of World War 2 and cutting supply routes the German’s were using to feed not only soldiers but civilians too, including prisoners.


If the US is such a peace loving nation …..

…. How is it that they spend more money on ‘defence’ than the rest of the world combined?
…. Then why do they have over 800 military bases worldwide?
…. Why have they been constantly bombing one nation or another ever since the end of the second world war?

Of course the inhabitants of certain Pakistani and Afghanistan regions know exactly how peaceful America and in particular , Obama is.


The recent bombing in Lebanon is extremely worrying and it would be a tragedy for it to escalate into a larger dispute. I’m sure many Lebanese people must have disturbing memories of Syria’s influence in their affairs over the years and this could very easily be interpreted as an attempt to instigate some sort of conflict but by whom?
With Turkey threatening Syria on one side (and of course having the NATO alliance supporting them) it’s being claimed that Assad’s Syrian supporters are implicated in this latest atrocity in Lebanon. The accusations were hastily made of Syrian terrorists being responsible. Apart from there being no clear evidence of who the perpetrators were and it being too soon after the crime to get a clear picture , it’s puzzling to see how such a conclusion could be drawn.
Lebanon is a complex place and I have no idea of who might be trying to undermine who but one thing I do know is that Assad has his hands full with trying to quell the US/UK/Saudi funded terrorist conspiracy to want to instigate further wars with his neighbours. If terrorist trends in the region are took into account, the Free Syrian Army , by their own admission to other suicide bombs and attacks recently must surely warrant a further look. A thorough investigation would be the best way forward …Without trying to pre-empt it’s conclusions.

Punishing the innocent ….

The BBC have announced further sanctions towards Iran by the EU despite it being common knowledge that there is zero evidence of Iran pursuing nuclear weapons and that the brunt of these sanctions specifically harm the Iranian public. It’s like a chain of events…Israel demand more sanctions, the US dutifully comply then the EU follows up. As I’ve said before, sanctions of this magnitude are in themselves an act of war so would it be reasonable for Iran to respond to these increasing pressures? I think so but I hope they don’t because maybe that’s what Israel and it’s poodles are gambling on. After all, if they cannot find the evidence perhaps this is the way they will ignite a war that West is so obviously trying to foment. The flimsy evidence that conned people into supporting the war against Iraq might not work again this time and perhaps that’s what worries them.
I’ve read many first hand accounts of how visitors are treated by Iranians and overwhelmingly it’s a positive account of friendly normal people that aren’t aggressive towards the West despite the way they are constantly cast in a bad light. We are heading for disaster.


PFI (Private Financial Initiative) was originally started by Conservative PM John Major and condemned by the then opposition ministers in the Labour party. When Labour were subsequently elected in 1997 , we might be entitled to think it would be nipped in the bud but in fact it wasn’t , it was expanded and now our health service is in crisis over it. Sadly , this crisis is likely to be a defining moment in the survival of the NHS as we know it. The recent push by the present government is clearly towards privatisation and it would be difficult to envisage the NHS to survive both these threats. This is a perfect example of my theory that the opposing parties in competition to become the government are merely two sides of the same coin.
However, my inspiration for this post is actually a piece in today’s Telegraph by Andrew Gilligan in which he describes the relationship between former top brass military figures , weapons manufacturers and the access to government contacts. Here’s a description of one of our more recent Naval deals:

“One of the most heavily criticised recent contracts is for the Royal Navy’s two new aircraft carriers. These will cost taxpayers more than £6 billion, even though one will be immediately mothballed and the other will carry no aircraft until 2020. At least four top officers and ministers involved – including the heads of the Navy and the RAF, the vice-chief of the defence staff, and the defence procurement minister, Baroness Taylor – went on to join companies involved.”

Now for an even more ludicrous or even criminal deal:

“Then there is the contract dubbed the “worst deal in history”: to give the Air Force 14 new Airbus A330 transport/tanker aircraft. Bought by a civilian airline, A330s cost as little as £85 million each, or £1.2 billion for 14. But the MoD is paying £10.5 billion – for aircraft it will not even own, but lease. Nor did the price include standard military fitments such as flight-deck armour, meaning that the jets were unable to fly into any war zone.”

I’m not well educated and have no outstanding grades from my school days but even without the use of a calculator I can deduce that whoever signed for the Airbus deal is either stupid or has been paid excessive amounts of money into discreet bank account. I’ll try to find out.

I’ve just discovered that the contract to refit these aircraft has very recently been moved to Spain , resulting in around 300 job losses at Cobham, Bournemouth. If people would stop watching the soaps and x factor type rubbish on TV maybe we would have a more vociferous public response to these kinds of problems.

On the 11th May 2012 Philip Hammond , the Defence Secretary was reported as saying he would look in to the costs of the Airbus deal personally. I am unable to find out any any conclusions to this intervention.