William Hague

My compulsory tax payments should not be used for this:

The government continually complain about scroungers abusing our benefits system , bogus disability claimants and foreigners taking advantage of our supposedly generous welfare yet ignore the elephant in the room. William Hague boasted only a few weeks ago that he was giving £5 million to the people who committed this atrocity and killed at least 27 people. He will claim that it was for none lethal support but how does he know that the money didn’t help finance this attack? When are we going to wake up to this shit? What if that was an apartment block in Swindon that was obliterated by anti government protesters? Would we defend the IRA if they did this to us? Shockingly , this is a legitimate comparison because the Republicans have grievances concerning discrimination , oppression and torture at the hands of the British government and it’s Unionist allies. Indeed , the IRA was much more legitimate than the Free Syrian Army will ever be …The Republican supporters were almost entirely made up of Irish combatants. The Free Syrian Army is dominated by foreigners who have previously caused chaos in Libya and hail from countries in the Middle East that are anything but democratic and free. If we are going to promote open government in the world , that’s fine , lets start with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain….After we’ve sorted ourselves out.


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