Everything eventually falls into place ………

I was surprised when high ranking Gazan officials proclaimed support for the Free Syrian Army , I’d previously thought that Syria had been good to people from Gaza and the West Bank accepting many refugees that Israel had forced out and also given support to Hamas , at least by allowing them to have an office in Damascus to use as a base. Maybe they did much more for the Palestinian cause , I don’t know. It just seemed odd to me that Hamas started to condemn the Assad government. Now I know why.

 A major FSA supporter and financial backer over the last 18 months has been Qatar.I just read that Qatar are accepting tenders for building projects for rebuilding Gaza , to the tune of $254 million. It might sound a lot and it is but in the scheme of things it’s very little. Furthermore , shouldn’t the warmongering bastards that destroyed Gaza have to pick up the bill for their fun and games?


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