Every mainstream outlet I’ve read indicated it was a close election race in Venezuela. Either they all suffer from employing extremely poor journalists or they were all lying. I’m convinced of the latter. Chavez was predicted to be around 12 points in front by independent news sources and officials say he won by 10% with a turnout of 81%. No government is remotely perfect but Chavez irritates Western governments so he must be doing something right.

David Cameron stated on the eve of the Conservative Party Conference that the wealthy would have to pay their share of the debt regarding our economic deficit problems. He also said that the UK would veto any European Union budget measures that were detrimental to us. Both statements were PR bullshit and the real reason he said them were because he wanted to warn that another £10 billion was going to be cut from the welfare budget…Measures that will clearly affect the poorest in society. On top of this the NHS is covertly being privatised and the voice of the ‘working class’ , the Labour Party are silent. Venezuelans had a choice with their elections ….We don’t…Just two sides of the same coin … We just choose which party leaders going to screw us.


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