The Turkish seizure of a Syrian bound plane yesterday beggars belief. When many Turkish citizens were attacked amongst the Free Gaza flotilla , Turkish diplomats quite rightly vigorously complained about Israel’s illegal actions in international waters. I am not familiar with the legality of this latest incident but morally it’s indefensible …Particularly considering the fact that Turkey had nine of it’s citizens brutally murdered by Israel and didn’t get so much as an apology from them. It appears no Syrians have been injured or harmed but even so , Turkey would surely want to avoid being labelled ‘Israeli like’ for their actions against Syria, wouldn’t they?
Initially it was claimed that weapons were aboard the aeroplane travelling from Russia. Now it appears they found and confiscated ‘military telecommunications equipment’ (not confirmed). It would be interesting to know on what grounds it was deemed to be intended for military purposes and haven’t the British been supplying the FSA with ‘none lethal communications systems’?
It appears that Russia have made official complaints to the Turkish authorities and it would be unwise for them to antagonise the Russians too much considering Turkeys reliance on Russian gas supplies.


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