No evidence to indicate Iran are trying to procure nuclear weapons.

Reports from virtually all of the significant intelligence agencies around the world are agreed that there is no evidence of Iran attempting to build nuclear weapons. The sanctions on Iran appear to be biting very deeply now….. On the Iranian people. The value of their currency has slumped in dramatic fashion and without doubt the general population are becoming increasingly worried. Sanctions on Iraq by the West took a terrible toll on the children ….. Estimates indicate that over 500,000 died as a direct consequence of the US and their allies depriving Iraq of very basic medicines that they were forbidden to import.

Sanctions don’t affect the wealthy or indeed the high ranking government officials of these countries.. Extreme sanctions are quite rightly described as an act of war in themselves. Of course they might be justifiable if there was a distinct threat that could be removed by initiating them. Iraq didn’t have nuclear weapons but Saddam was still asked to prove the unprovable.

Here’s a quote from the Guardian concerning weapons inspectors in Iraq:

“American espionage in Iraq, under cover of United Nations weapons inspections, went far beyond the search for banned arms and was carried out without the knowledge of the UN leadership, it was reported yesterday.

An investigation by the Washington Post found that CIA engineers working as UN technicians installed antennae in equipment belonging to the UN Special Commission (Unscom) to eavesdrop on the Iraqi military. When British intelligence asked what was going on, the operation was denied, the report said.”

This is exactly the same problem Iran has complained about and this is the reason there are certain places the Iranians will not allow weapons inspectors to go to. It’s a crying shame that the media do not publish a reasoned argument regarding Iran and it seems that the people who effectively promoted the attack on Iraq have no qualms about doing the same to other nations.


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