Punishing the innocent ….

The BBC have announced further sanctions towards Iran by the EU despite it being common knowledge that there is zero evidence of Iran pursuing nuclear weapons and that the brunt of these sanctions specifically harm the Iranian public. It’s like a chain of events…Israel demand more sanctions, the US dutifully comply then the EU follows up. As I’ve said before, sanctions of this magnitude are in themselves an act of war so would it be reasonable for Iran to respond to these increasing pressures? I think so but I hope they don’t because maybe that’s what Israel and it’s poodles are gambling on. After all, if they cannot find the evidence perhaps this is the way they will ignite a war that West is so obviously trying to foment. The flimsy evidence that conned people into supporting the war against Iraq might not work again this time and perhaps that’s what worries them.
I’ve read many first hand accounts of how visitors are treated by Iranians and overwhelmingly it’s a positive account of friendly normal people that aren’t aggressive towards the West despite the way they are constantly cast in a bad light. We are heading for disaster.

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