The recent bombing in Lebanon is extremely worrying and it would be a tragedy for it to escalate into a larger dispute. I’m sure many Lebanese people must have disturbing memories of Syria’s influence in their affairs over the years and this could very easily be interpreted as an attempt to instigate some sort of conflict but by whom?
With Turkey threatening Syria on one side (and of course having the NATO alliance supporting them) it’s being claimed that Assad’s Syrian supporters are implicated in this latest atrocity in Lebanon. The accusations were hastily made of Syrian terrorists being responsible. Apart from there being no clear evidence of who the perpetrators were and it being too soon after the crime to get a clear picture , it’s puzzling to see how such a conclusion could be drawn.
Lebanon is a complex place and I have no idea of who might be trying to undermine who but one thing I do know is that Assad has his hands full with trying to quell the US/UK/Saudi funded terrorist conspiracy to want to instigate further wars with his neighbours. If terrorist trends in the region are took into account, the Free Syrian Army , by their own admission to other suicide bombs and attacks recently must surely warrant a further look. A thorough investigation would be the best way forward …Without trying to pre-empt it’s conclusions.


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