A policy of starvation … A Nazi strategy

Excerpts from a Jonathan Cook article that recently appeared on Information Clearing House website:

“While the health ministry determined that Gazans needed daily an average of 2,279 calories each to avoid malnutrition – requiring 170 trucks a day – military officials then found a host of pretexts to whittle down the trucks to a fraction of the original figure.
The reality was that, in this period, an average of only 67 trucks – much less than half of the minimum requirement – entered Gaza daily. This compared to more than 400 trucks before the blockade began.
Israel’s protests that the document was merely a “rough draft” and never implemented are barely credible – and, anyway, beside the point. If the politicians and generals were advised by health experts that Gaza needed at least 170 trucks a day, why did they oversee a policy that allowed in only 67?”

Israel may insist it wasn’t policy but the reality is that only 67 trucks of food was allowed in when the bare minimum to adequately nourish the people of Gaza was 170 trucks. The conclusion is that the Israeli government lied. My comparison to Nazi behaviour is fair. In fact it’s estimated that many German prisoners died as a result of air raids by the allies towards the end of World War 2 and cutting supply routes the German’s were using to feed not only soldiers but civilians too, including prisoners.


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