The Palestinians do not want peace!

West Bank
A report today in the Palestinian news agency Maan claims that Israel is pushing forward with the building of 1,213 new ‘settlement’ homes. The word ‘settlement’ is a very clever word to use. If I were to describe the process in a fair and honest way it would be something like… Pushing forward with building 1,213 illegal, subsidised (by Israel) housing, situated on stolen land and despite condemnation from a host of internationally respected organisations.
The Palestinians are constantly condemned as not wanting to be involved in peace negotiations but how could they when this ongoing theft of their land and resources continue? Water has been systematically re-directed from Palestinian villages and towns to supply these illegal outposts and now clean drinking water is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire. Despite this, the plush green lawns on the neighbouring illegal towns are flourishing. By depriving the Palestinians of water, the Israelis are sending out a very clear message. Flee or die.
On the basis of this truthful and indeed verifiable information the only conclusion that can be deduced is that Israel is surreptitiously attempting to drive the remaining Palestinians from their homes.
Israel has kept Gaza under a siege ever since the Hamas government were fairly elected several years ago. Prior to that they removed illegal outposts in the region under the pretence that it was a move towards peace that they didn’t HAVE to do. However, as the historic timeline will prove without a shadow of doubt, this was merely part of their overall plan to cut Gaza off from the outside world. The numbers involved that were removed were very small but the effect was very positive for Israel. It now meant that Gaza could be blockaded very easily from the world without worrying about ‘some of their own’.
So by pretending to take a peaceful initiative, Israel were in fact feathering their own nest and preparing Gaza for what was to come and thus make this plan so much easier to carry out.,7340,L-4267655,00.html

As the second report indicates, only charitable organisations are trying to alleviate the problem with desalination.

All the evidence is that Israel are slowly and methodically trying to drive the Palestinians from their own land and the lie that Israel has no peace partner is entirely because they don’t want a peace partner. What they actually want is that their prospective peace partner ‘disappear from the page of time’…..


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