Humans appear to be getting much more selfish despite advanced technology allowing us to be much more aware of what is going on in the world and being able to bypass the pathetic main stream media and accessing independent news sources for ourselves. Indeed, I used to be just as ignorant to world affairs. I used to think Israel were being attacked because the ‘blood thirsty Muslims’ couldn’t help themselves in making Israeli lives hell. I couldn’t work out why people would go to such extremes just to make those poor Israelis feel unsafe. The newspaper headlines shaped my view of the Palestine-Israeli conflict.
I educated myself and discovered that Israel’s ‘promised land’ was nothing more than one part of a story book compendium called the bible. I then found out that the British government had given this area to European Jews even though it was already inhabited by people who had lived there for thousands of years and that it wasn’t even ‘owned’ by the British government to give to anyone.
Then I learnt that the Palestinians who had lived there were simply driven out by Jewish terrorist groups and that these Zionists didn’t just want a small patch of this region to be a safe haven against future ‘Hitler’s’, they wanted it all. So the victims of German Nazi’s were at the same time that they were being persecuted for being Jewish, were persecuting Arabs for not being Jewish. I think it’s fair to question whether one Nationalist groups behaviour was very different from the others.
Sadly, it wasn’t the end of the Palestinians woes. In keeping with their historic ownership of this small piece of land in the Middle East (re: bible) a long and patient plan was regrettably set in motion. This was to make the Palestinians so miserable and make their lives so unbearable that they would just leave of their own accord. Decades later, the Palestinians still haven’t succumbed to the constant demolitions, separation walls, arrest and imprisonment without due process, water deprivation……. The list is endless. Still after all this, the Palestinians won’t abandon what little life and belongings they have to make way for Israeli expansion.
I think what it would be like waiting in long queues to get to see a friend who lives the other side of an Israeli check point…Or even if I were lucky enough to have a job and had to go through a checkpoint twice daily. Maybe a hospital appointment? What if I worried every day about not having enough water to drink, never mind enough to stay clean? The Palestinians are being brutally tortured (particularly the ones in Gaza) on a daily basis. The Israelis, with help from virtually every Western government are committing this inhumane crime. I don’t know about having empathy, I do know we should feel absolutely ashamed of ourselves to allow these injustices to continue in these supposed enlightened times.


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