Itchy fingered Israel

It’s so easy to get Israel to attack Syrian troops. All it takes is a few deliberately aimed rockets fired into the Golan Heights and it’s absolutely perfect…If you have itchy fingers. The primary Israeli ambitions are to render any country it perceives as even a slight threat into fragmented small groups to stop them from being a potential military problem. Iraq is now a nation of small nations effectively. Lebanon has five major political/religious groups. The Palestinians have Hamas and Fatah who despite numerous attempts seem unable to agree to even the most basic policies and of course if they do start to come close, Israel quickly increases the pressure on Abbas to draw back. They fear a united people.
The fear is irrational. Combine all Israel’s neighbours military assets together and they still could not create too many problems. None of them have nuclear weapons for starters. The major problem for Israel is that the rest of the world works them out. They are masters of illusion and according to them are never to blame for any of their battles and wars. The cries of ‘we were just defending ourselves’ can be heard every time (Israeli historians have discounted these claims on every occasion).
A million Israelis have been spending their third night in bomb shelters due to Palestinian rockets. I wouldn’t like to be directly under one of these rockets when it lands but the only image I could see earlier was one damaged house that even if you were in the room it hit, I doubt you would have anything more serious than scratches. Netanyahu is preparing the foundations for another bloody and ruthless attack on an imprisoned people with nowhere to run or hide. The Gazan’s don’t have any bomb shelters because Israel won’t allow them to import building materials, even though after the destruction of 10,000 homes in operation ‘cast lead’, bomb shelters would be very low on the priority list. The starved, bullied, oppressed people of Gaza are again in the cross-hairs of a military so far advanced than anything they can muster that I fear another bloodbath under this bogus pretext of a million Israelis in bomb shelters. It’s either a blatant lie or a gross exaggeration.
The Israelis still have a major hurdle to tackle before they can complete their conquest of the imaginary ‘promised land’. That obstacle is the Palestinians themselves. The cruelty the Nazis imposed on the Jews was a flicker of an eye compared to how long the Palestinians have had to endure the brutality of the Israelis. Still they won’t give in. I salute the people of Gaza and the West Bank for the resilience and commitment to your homeland. I have no doubt that no matter what the criminal state of Israel imposes on you, the determination and bravery will see you through until Justice is yours.


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