hole 1
hole 2
hole 3
hole 4
hole 5
hole 6

Examples of the devastating destruction Hamas’ rockets inflict on innocent Israeli civilians. I just realised that hole 6 is the same as hole 2, just from a different angle. I found some general home improvement projects for the people of Gaza next.

easily repairable properties 1
easily repairable property 2
a lick of paint will fix this 1
a lick of paint will fix this 2

I didn’t have to look far for these images and could have posted thousands. The latest ‘conflict’ in Gaza isn’t a conflict at all. It’s a cowardly assault by one of the most advanced (thanks mainly to America) armies against defenceless, hungry, thirsty sitting ducks that are the people of Gaza. Western citizens should be ashamed for allowing their governments to support this bloodbath. One might say that the Israeli government is maverick and not carrying out it’s peoples will but unfortunately 90% of Israeli Jews support this latest brutal attack. That is a very, very sick nation and I have no idea what could make so many people be so indifferent to the suffering of others even if they don’t like them.


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