UK ready to support Palestinian bid as long as …………

A BBC report claims that the UK will support Mahmoud Abbas PLO bid for statehood as long as it doesn’t pursue Israeli war crimes and returns to peace negotiations. So far as Israeli war crimes go , the British politicians have already changed existing laws so that it would be very difficult to bring about the prosecution of a suspected Israeli war criminal in this country. I use the word ‘Israeli’ because it isn’t required for other nationalities because the UK government would try to prosecute those anyhow. The law was changed with particular regard for Israeli visitors and to stop members of the general public bringing about ‘politically driven accusations’. 

 Secondly, which peace negotiations are the UK government referring to? To my knowledge, there aren’t any negotiations ongoing. Before any direct meetings would take place it was stipulated that the illegal building of settlements must stop. The Israelis refused to do that and in fact increased planning and building even more. Netanyahu and his criminal government colleagues know that Abbas can not come to the table without a settlement freeze as a minimum requirement. It’s incredibly easy to identify the party that are not working towards peace. 

 Having said all this, I strongly believe that Abbas would (if he could get away with it) become involved without any pre conditions… Such is his criminality and betrayal of the Palestinians. It’s only their anger that prevent him from trying.


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