Israel defiant

Most of the media run with this ‘defiance’ story concerning Israel today. Isn’t it claimed that Iran and North Korea are defiant? These accusations are not supported by international law but Israel’s general behaviour absolutely contravenes it. The UN and the vast majority of the world, including the US accept that the building of these ‘settlements’ on Palestinian land is without doubt illegal. This recent Israeli issue hasn’t concluded just yet but I would be astonished if any sanctions were authorised. Meanwhile, Iran in particular have had the most crippling sanctions put in place that affect the vast majority of the population. Will the US freeze the $3 billion a year it gives Israel? Will the EU put a stop to the favourable trading conditions it allows them? The US insistence by it’s actions on being the world ‘police’ wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so blatantly hypocritical. If the recent UN Palestine vote is anything to go by, it looks on the surface that this US control is starting to disappear. Let’s hope it’s the start of a slippery slope downwards.

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