Is it a virus or does it just behave like one?

I assume that computer users spend millions of pounds a year on anti-virus products that fail to adequately protect them. Not only are they useless (very nearly) at protecting computers , they are actually detrimental to every day use of computers by slowing them down dramatically. I’ve had this theory for a long time because it doesn’t matter which anti-virus a machine has …It doesn’t stop friends and colleagues coming to ask me to sort them out after they become infected.
I’m not complaining about that , I enjoy the challenge. What I am complaining about is software in general. HP finds the need to install 7 different items of software on my computer just to install a printer. Worse than that is when I decide to uninstall them it threatens me with warnings that my new hardware might not work if I decide to remove the customer participation software. Does that kind of warning sound familiar? It seems very much like the warnings that pop up on your desktop when you’ve been infected by some rogue anti-virus program. A fair comparison , I think.


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