5 Broken Cameras

It’s difficult to understand Palestinian resistance to the ongoing brutality and viciousness of the Israeli attacks on them. I’ll never comprehend how they can be so determined despite all the pressure they endure under the Nazi like occupation of the IDF. Criticise me for using the word ‘Nazi’ , I don’t care. I only say what I see. Political correctness attempts to inhibit how we can describe events ..Accusations of Anti-Semitism are sure to follow.ImageThis is the reality. It’s as plain as day. This is no conspiracy theory. The state of Israel has done a very efficient job of of removing Arabs from what they believe to be their God given land …Each time the excuse has been either pre-emptive defensive action or ‘they attacked us!’. Not unlike the recent attack on Syria. Maybe the Israelis see the opportunity to grab some more of ‘the promised land’ with their convenient ‘buffer zones’. There is one big difference now. The world is becoming wise to your constant land grabs under the description of defence. The picture above proves that it has nothing to do with defence at all . Just as the Nazi’s seized the Sudetenland …The Israelis continue to steal Palestinian land but there is one big difference….. The Israelis have no claims whatsoever on the land they steal, the Nazis arguably did.


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