Boycott Poundland, Argos, ASDA AGE UK, YMCA England, Salvation Army, Sue Ryder, RSPCA, PDSA

Some of the above companies are clearly charitable organisations which make their inclusion on the list of organisations that use the government workfare program all the more disgusting.  Forced labour without payment was supposedly abolished centuries ago yet these companies/organisations show no sympathy for the countless people either being abused by them or having their meagre benefits stopped because of them· Yes , it is ‘because’ of them without a doubt….If no employees signed up for this scandalous scheme , no one would be abused by it. I intend writing to each and every employer to complain in no uncertain terms that I will be boycotting their services/companies/charities until they cease to comply. I will also encourage all my friends and acquaintances to do the same. This isn’t an statement because I’m being abused by this system, I’m fortunate to be employed by a very good company …It’s simply looking at it from a moral and decent viewpoint ….It’s modern day slavery and totally unacceptable.


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