The US is deeply committed to an independent Palestinian State.

…So said Barack Obama However , the evidence suggests otherwise. The US voted against Palestinian statehood at the UN . They make absolutely no effort to stop Netanyahu’s settlement projects. Why doesn’t Obama use the $3 billion a year to Israel as a bargaining chip?

Like almost all politicians , Obama is a fraud. He wants to be remembered as the ‘all American good guy’ but he’s killed more Pakistani’s than George Bush . Quite some record eh? Netanyahu tells him to sing and he asks ‘which song?’ How humiliating… What on earth has terrified a long list of US presidents so much that they allow slimy con men like Netanyahu and his predecessors to completely dominate  and even dictate the policy surrounding Israel? Not so long ago Netanyahu received almost 30 standing ovations in the US Congress for effectively telling a pack of lies and distortions. Have these people no shame?

Why do they pander to a criminal state guilty of literally thousands of crimes and human rights abuses such as Israel? It’s not that difficult to discover the kinds of tricks Israel gets up to concerning the Palestinians. B’Tselem , an Israeli Human Rights group that actually gives Israel the benefit of the doubt when assessing each case has a disturbing list of supported accusations on their website.

How can Jews claim that Israeli criticism is anti-Semitism when the daily treatment of Palestinians is so racist it beggars belief? Even limited research reveals the extent of the problem. Criticism of Israel can end a career. Defying Israel (even non violently) can (and regularly does) end your life.

IDF soldiers kill none Jewish kids routinely in Palestine.. And our disgusting television and newspaper media rarely mention it . Israeli intelligence kill enemies wherever they may be and use the identities and passports of their allies citizens’.  They do what they like when they like ….Is that what Obama is so scared of?


Liam Fox

Mr Fox has decided his absence from high profile UK politics has lasted long enough. It seems ages ago that  Fox , Weritty and Mossad meetings were the daily headlines. The two of them effectively disappeared , Weritty still not having ‘come out’ , pardon the pun.  Time is a great healer and politicians know that former discretions fade with time , however Liam Fox is different. The media never revealed what exactly had gone on. The insinuation that there was something going on romantically between Fox and Weritty seemed as good a place as any to draw a line under the saga.

Homosexuality in politics or any other walk of life is nothing new or even shocking in these enlightened times so perhaps Weritty tagging along meant the two could spend much more time together without arousing suspicion. Seems perfect but still there are other questions , who financed Weritty’s expensive trips and what if anything could we conclude from this.

I said earlier that ‘Mossad’ were in the headlines at the time, of course they weren’t. The story really came to life when Craig Murray joined the dots in his excellent and informative blog.  At this point mainstream media kept the gay insinuation going and barely pursued the international political implications relating to the British Defence Secretary being accompanied by a pro-Israeli funded ‘friend’  and various meetings with Israeli security. So basically that’s were it all ended.

Fox has come out fighting, having the courage to join the debate on the Health Service . Mr Cameron under the cosh from anti Europe factions , perhaps he needs all the friends he can muster . Fox claims that no services should be protected from reduced funding , not health nor education. It seems the people who need these services the most are sitting there asking to be kicked…  Proven by the fact that Fox (attempting to raise his political profile again) can use this sensitive subject as his springboard.

Not meaning to sound cruel but the despicable Fox needs finishing off. The fact that the UK Defence Secretary had various unofficial meetings with foreign intelligence officials arouses suspicions if treachery. His ‘comeback’ campaign attacking vital services for the poorest in our country really does sum this odious man up quite nicely.

UN hostages held by Syrian terrorists

Little coverage has been given to this hostage taking drama committed by anti-Assad terrorists in Syria. 21 UN peacekeepers have been taken hostage by a terrorist organisation holed up in a village called Jamla close to the Golan Heights region of Syria. The full story is here but it seems the Maan news agency haven’t left it up for viewing very long:

What would be the outcome if the Syrian government were to try to do something like this? It would be headline worldwide news but it’s a big if….. I’m sure Assad has already had many occasions this could have been achieved.

The  news we are fed is a very serious and ongoing distortion of reality. Assad maintains the majority support in Syria despite what the media try to tell us. Would he still be there if he didn’t? Because of Russia and China’s refusal to allow intervention after they were duped by NATO in Libya , the anti-Assad western and middle east countries are unable to use air superiority against Syria. To anyone with a critical view of Western motives, it has become blatantly obvious that Libya has been reduced to a smouldering wreck of a country that will take years to even look like recovering. This has been the case with all the recent interventions, Iraq and Afghanistan have been completely destroyed. Not just the infrastructure, Iraq in particular has lost many irreplaceable historic locations of interest. The crimes we have allowed our governments to commit shame us all.

Hugo Chavez RIP

The passing of Hugo Chavez is a sad day for Venezuela. He wasn’t perfect but any national leader that remains very close to his original manifesto for 14 years should be admired. Western leaders can barely last 14 hours after they have been elected.  Obama’s statement about Chavez’ death highlight what a bitter and callous bunch the US politicians are.

Chavez improved the lives of many of the poorest Venezuelans with better education , health care and in other aspects of life….The American/West objection was that it was at the expense of multimillion dollar international companies. Too bad and long may it continue , not just in Venezuela but hopefully spreading around the world to alleviate the problems of the poor rather than getting some greedy bastard the latest model Ferrari.

Bedroom tax

I thought this was some kind of idea being thrown about by extreme right wing conservative politicians that was never going to get past any of the required hurdles to become law. It seems I was wrong , the policy will come into effect on April 1st 2013.
If I understand this correctly , the government are expecting people with unused bedrooms who are claiming housing benefit to be forced to pay 14% extra because of an unused bedroom and 25% for more than one. They suggest taking in a lodger to offset the cost. How many of us would want a total stranger in our house sharing our facilities? I know I wouldn’t.
I often think of political parties as two sides of the same coin…. Both will screw us over but have slightly different methods. The recent Labour controlled years was a disaster for not only the British , it was also for Iraq , Afghanistan and to some extent the Palestinians.
Support for Israel remains the same no matter who is in government…After all the vast majority of MP’s are in either Labour friends of Israel or Conservative friends of Israel. I haven’t heard of any political parties having such strong friendships with the Palestinians.
So the government are trying to save what I imagine to be a very small amount of money by forcing lodgers on people. What if the lodger , after seeming quite normal becomes the lodger from hell? We all know how difficult it can be living with someone we love , never mind a complete stranger. What if the lodger has a hidden past of crimes against children? (regularly not picked up by authorities employing people with many more resources at hand than we have). Can you imagine the horror for a parent allowing someone in their house who then goes on to abuse their child? There are so many flaws in this legislation that I can’t believe it went through.


If there was no evidence Tony Blair was a psychopath whilst he was the Prime Minister, his statements since that time concerning Iraq are damning. The modern day government psychopath is William Hague. His support of the rag tag ‘Free Syrian Army’ is overwhelming proof but the accusations that he has been in a gay relationship with a high ranking sports related star are irrelevant. Maybe he’s trying to reiterate his masculinity….. Who knows.
What I do know is that a teenager that wants to speak to a party political cabaret show is far from normal. The term ‘professional politician’ springs to mind.
Speaking recently, Hague claimed that supplying weapons to the FSA in the near future would be possible. Walid Saffour stated that: “If the EU embargo doesn’t change, then some of the EU countries will change their policy – if not openly, then quietly.” So, just like the workfare program, if a government doesn’t like a particular restriction, it will just change the law or rules that relate to it. Hague claimed that the EU would relax arms restrictions (presumably to accommodate the FSA).
I hope that one day the Syrians that survive Hagues’ ‘EU policy change on arms exports’ are able to watch this snivelling piece of shit trying to defend himself in an International War Crimes court….Just as I hope the people of Iraq are able to do with Tony Blair.