If there was no evidence Tony Blair was a psychopath whilst he was the Prime Minister, his statements since that time concerning Iraq are damning. The modern day government psychopath is William Hague. His support of the rag tag ‘Free Syrian Army’ is overwhelming proof but the accusations that he has been in a gay relationship with a high ranking sports related star are irrelevant. Maybe he’s trying to reiterate his masculinity….. Who knows.
What I do know is that a teenager that wants to speak to a party political cabaret show is far from normal. The term ‘professional politician’ springs to mind.
Speaking recently, Hague claimed that supplying weapons to the FSA in the near future would be possible. Walid Saffour stated that: “If the EU embargo doesn’t change, then some of the EU countries will change their policy – if not openly, then quietly.” So, just like the workfare program, if a government doesn’t like a particular restriction, it will just change the law or rules that relate to it. Hague claimed that the EU would relax arms restrictions (presumably to accommodate the FSA).
I hope that one day the Syrians that survive Hagues’ ‘EU policy change on arms exports’ are able to watch this snivelling piece of shit trying to defend himself in an International War Crimes court….Just as I hope the people of Iraq are able to do with Tony Blair.


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