Bedroom tax

I thought this was some kind of idea being thrown about by extreme right wing conservative politicians that was never going to get past any of the required hurdles to become law. It seems I was wrong , the policy will come into effect on April 1st 2013.
If I understand this correctly , the government are expecting people with unused bedrooms who are claiming housing benefit to be forced to pay 14% extra because of an unused bedroom and 25% for more than one. They suggest taking in a lodger to offset the cost. How many of us would want a total stranger in our house sharing our facilities? I know I wouldn’t.
I often think of political parties as two sides of the same coin…. Both will screw us over but have slightly different methods. The recent Labour controlled years was a disaster for not only the British , it was also for Iraq , Afghanistan and to some extent the Palestinians.
Support for Israel remains the same no matter who is in government…After all the vast majority of MP’s are in either Labour friends of Israel or Conservative friends of Israel. I haven’t heard of any political parties having such strong friendships with the Palestinians.
So the government are trying to save what I imagine to be a very small amount of money by forcing lodgers on people. What if the lodger , after seeming quite normal becomes the lodger from hell? We all know how difficult it can be living with someone we love , never mind a complete stranger. What if the lodger has a hidden past of crimes against children? (regularly not picked up by authorities employing people with many more resources at hand than we have). Can you imagine the horror for a parent allowing someone in their house who then goes on to abuse their child? There are so many flaws in this legislation that I can’t believe it went through.

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