UN hostages held by Syrian terrorists

Little coverage has been given to this hostage taking drama committed by anti-Assad terrorists in Syria. 21 UN peacekeepers have been taken hostage by a terrorist organisation holed up in a village called Jamla close to the Golan Heights region of Syria. The full story is here but it seems the Maan news agency haven’t left it up for viewing very long:


What would be the outcome if the Syrian government were to try to do something like this? It would be headline worldwide news but it’s a big if….. I’m sure Assad has already had many occasions this could have been achieved.

The  news we are fed is a very serious and ongoing distortion of reality. Assad maintains the majority support in Syria despite what the media try to tell us. Would he still be there if he didn’t? Because of Russia and China’s refusal to allow intervention after they were duped by NATO in Libya , the anti-Assad western and middle east countries are unable to use air superiority against Syria. To anyone with a critical view of Western motives, it has become blatantly obvious that Libya has been reduced to a smouldering wreck of a country that will take years to even look like recovering. This has been the case with all the recent interventions, Iraq and Afghanistan have been completely destroyed. Not just the infrastructure, Iraq in particular has lost many irreplaceable historic locations of interest. The crimes we have allowed our governments to commit shame us all.


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