Liam Fox

Mr Fox has decided his absence from high profile UK politics has lasted long enough. It seems ages ago that  Fox , Weritty and Mossad meetings were the daily headlines. The two of them effectively disappeared , Weritty still not having ‘come out’ , pardon the pun.  Time is a great healer and politicians know that former discretions fade with time , however Liam Fox is different. The media never revealed what exactly had gone on. The insinuation that there was something going on romantically between Fox and Weritty seemed as good a place as any to draw a line under the saga.

Homosexuality in politics or any other walk of life is nothing new or even shocking in these enlightened times so perhaps Weritty tagging along meant the two could spend much more time together without arousing suspicion. Seems perfect but still there are other questions , who financed Weritty’s expensive trips and what if anything could we conclude from this.

I said earlier that ‘Mossad’ were in the headlines at the time, of course they weren’t. The story really came to life when Craig Murray joined the dots in his excellent and informative blog.  At this point mainstream media kept the gay insinuation going and barely pursued the international political implications relating to the British Defence Secretary being accompanied by a pro-Israeli funded ‘friend’  and various meetings with Israeli security. So basically that’s were it all ended.

Fox has come out fighting, having the courage to join the debate on the Health Service . Mr Cameron under the cosh from anti Europe factions , perhaps he needs all the friends he can muster . Fox claims that no services should be protected from reduced funding , not health nor education. It seems the people who need these services the most are sitting there asking to be kicked…  Proven by the fact that Fox (attempting to raise his political profile again) can use this sensitive subject as his springboard.

Not meaning to sound cruel but the despicable Fox needs finishing off. The fact that the UK Defence Secretary had various unofficial meetings with foreign intelligence officials arouses suspicions if treachery. His ‘comeback’ campaign attacking vital services for the poorest in our country really does sum this odious man up quite nicely.


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