The US is deeply committed to an independent Palestinian State.

…So said Barack Obama However , the evidence suggests otherwise. The US voted against Palestinian statehood at the UN . They make absolutely no effort to stop Netanyahu’s settlement projects. Why doesn’t Obama use the $3 billion a year to Israel as a bargaining chip?

Like almost all politicians , Obama is a fraud. He wants to be remembered as the ‘all American good guy’ but he’s killed more Pakistani’s than George Bush . Quite some record eh? Netanyahu tells him to sing and he asks ‘which song?’ How humiliating… What on earth has terrified a long list of US presidents so much that they allow slimy con men like Netanyahu and his predecessors to completely dominate  and even dictate the policy surrounding Israel? Not so long ago Netanyahu received almost 30 standing ovations in the US Congress for effectively telling a pack of lies and distortions. Have these people no shame?

Why do they pander to a criminal state guilty of literally thousands of crimes and human rights abuses such as Israel? It’s not that difficult to discover the kinds of tricks Israel gets up to concerning the Palestinians. B’Tselem , an Israeli Human Rights group that actually gives Israel the benefit of the doubt when assessing each case has a disturbing list of supported accusations on their website.

How can Jews claim that Israeli criticism is anti-Semitism when the daily treatment of Palestinians is so racist it beggars belief? Even limited research reveals the extent of the problem. Criticism of Israel can end a career. Defying Israel (even non violently) can (and regularly does) end your life.

IDF soldiers kill none Jewish kids routinely in Palestine.. And our disgusting television and newspaper media rarely mention it . Israeli intelligence kill enemies wherever they may be and use the identities and passports of their allies citizens’.  They do what they like when they like ….Is that what Obama is so scared of?


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