If it looks like terrorism , acts like terrorism , it is terrorism.

The FSA and partners are surely a perfect example of a terrorist entity so why are 'we' supporting them?


Israel’s concern over civilians……….

Here is a quote from Associated Press. An Israeli Cabinet minister has called on the U.S to intervene in the Syrian civil war after intelligence reports of chemical weapons use there.The U.S has warned such weapons cross a red line and last week said the weapons were probably used. Israel says they were used.Environment Minister Amir … Continue reading Israel’s concern over civilians……….

Alleged chemical weapons in Syria

The claims being being made about chemical weapons in Syria are the silliest accusations since Saddam was set up over ten years ago. The main US protagonist is Senator McCain and he's wanted the Americans to invade Syria for a long time. In fact, he wants the US to invade every Middle Eastern country that isn't run by a compliant dictator … Continue reading Alleged chemical weapons in Syria


His gun restriction defeat made me smile. It's not that I'm pro-guns it's just that whilst he tries to stop US citizens from having guns he is a willing accomplice in the supply of guns and much more sophisticated weapons to the terrorist FSA in Syria. Just as a large majority of the US politicians … Continue reading Obama