Tony Blair

The Independent newspaper this morning revealed damning evidence of Tony Blair’s decision making process concerning the attack on Iraq. He supposedly knew that Libya were involved in creating nuclear weapons much more than Iraq were. A number of Iraqi defectors told intelligence agencies there was no nuclear program in Iraq but Blair chose to ‘believe’ the notorious curveball*.

The report claims that George Bush persuaded Blair to opt for war with Iraq during a weekend stay with him. It shouldn’t be forgotten that Blair visited Gadaffi only two years later and claimed that the UK and Libya were fighting terrorism together and that closer relations were mutually beneficial. In the previous December the BBC report stated that Gadaffi had renounced WMD.

In the same report it was announced that Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell had signed a deal worth up to £550m for gas exploration rights off the Libyan coast and that British police officers would travel to Libya on 3 April to continue investigations into the murder of Pc Yvonne Fletcher. Many reports and investigations cast very strong doubt over the official version in the shooting of the police officer (much the same as the Lockerbie disaster) but it was a good headline for Blair.

The Independent report is a step in the right direction regarding the criminality of Blair but it’s taken too long for it to surface and I doubt very much if it will result in a court appearance for him.


* Curveball was the informant who supplied the US and UK with a catalogue of easily provable lies.


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