Damascus terrorist attack

If the effects weren’t so real to the people of the region , it would be amusing that the US/UK pretence of Assad sponsored terrorism is causing carnage in Syria. It’s not Assad using suicide bombers , car bombs  and death squads (at least the vast majority) . The US/UK/Israel/Qatar/Saudi government hypocrites are openly supporting the FSA and it’s allies in Syria , so it is those people that are creating the disgusting acts of terrorism thrust upon Damascus today using millions of pounds of  UK tax payers money. I don’t begrudge paying taxes for social health and other peaceful causes but I do object to my money being used to blow up innocent Syrians.

Assad has nothing to gain from unsettling his own supporters. Hague and his cohorts , in the rush to totally destroy Syria should look at what was revealed about Blair yesterday and the consequences of those revelations. It has been virtually confirmed that Blair went to war in Iraq for other reasons than the claimed WMD .  It’s time he was arrested and tried for his crimes and hopefully that day is getting closer all the time. Media lies have protected Blair thus far but I hope he’s becoming increasingly worried . As I hope that you will do  too , Mr Hague.

Anyone for Judo?

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