Chavez and Thatcher

The mainstream media appear to have very different views on how the deaths of these two politicians can be reacted to. It seem they are horrified that certain communities in the UK are openly celebrating Thatchers death , but apparently the (general mainstream media) treatment of Chavez is fine. For one person the ‘don’t speak ill of the dead’ is the honourable behaviour , yet for Chavez , the gloves were off as they gloated over his demise.

I think the reaction of the less well off people in the UK and Venezuela prove the wealthy/poor divide is just as bad as it’s ever been.

Thatcher is regarded as the instigator of the ‘yuppie’ trend , a period in time when people were encouraged to be filthy rich , arrogant with it and be devoid of empathy towards anyone who wasn’t affliuent. I don’t know the exact figures but literacy rates in Venezuela under Chavez’ management were remarkable, to say the least. Housing for the poor was also improved and the wealth from the vast oil resources were going to ordinary Venezuelans instead of to foreign investment and companies.

So it seems to be acclaimed by our mainstream media , social justice and fairness shouldn’t be high on a leaders priorities. Destroying the majority of manufacturing and manual labour jobs should be. There is a pattern emerging here , I don’t think it needs any more comment.


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