The word ‘cowardly’ has been used to describe the Boston Marathon atrocity many times in the last couple of days by numerous officials including Barack Obama. The names and ages of the victims and outpouring of grief has been constant. Indiscriminate murder is wrong on every level but I can’t help but notice the hypocrisy and blatant propaganda inflicted on us by the mainstream media.

As I said we know names and ages , family circumstances and of course what lovely human beings the victims were. There is no such information about the hundreds of Afghanistan victims of US/UK drone strikes.

The very minor reporting on the slaughter of complete families in pursuit of a known Al Qaeda suspect is usually consigned to latter down the news pecking order , if indeed at all.

Just like many people , I had hoped Obama might repair the damage inflicted by Bush on the US reputation abroad but he’s actually much worse than the previous President and has provided ample evidence that the US leader is merely a front man issuing the policies for other people that really dictate policy. Regardless of this fact , it is Obama who is the biggest coward. He’s also the mass murderer of thousands of Afghanistan civilians and he may of managed to kill a few terrorists but we’ll never know because they weren’t tried in a court of law as is usual for suspected criminals. Even if there were the most heinous Al Qaeda types of people killed by drones …. Does it justify wiping out his wife and numerous children?

The snake called Obama and his criminal elite friends must bear the blame for these cowardly attacks because it’s probably his own cowardly (and precision guided) atrocities that have triggered the response. The sobbing US victims of this attack should consider the victims of it’s own attacks….Even though we never get to know their names , ages and what beautiful human beings they were.


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