Terrorists and terrorists …………..

Just days after Boston and surrounding area were made into a no go zone because of two men , the US doubles it’s funding to discredited and murderous terrorists in Syria. Why can’t the American people see the madness and hypocrisy of this funding? Instead they have a ‘celebration’ because the terrorist still at large was caught. Didn’t any of the people in Boston realise what had just been inflicted on them by the authorities? The lock down was successful and the people so compliant that it sets a precedent.

This wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t then fund THE VERY SAME PEOPLE in Syria. Wake up you dopes!

The irony of celebrating because 1 man was apprehended after a manhunt for two days which needed the compliance/home arrest of a million people hasn’t gone unnoticed. Even now you will hear the same mantra being spat out about how ‘the terrorists won’t change our way of life’…. I’m sorry Mr and Mrs Average American ….. They already have , or at least the threat of terrorists have.


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