What do the Israelis have on our government?

Israel has planned for a long time to fragment any country it perceives as a threat …Iraq and Libya have already gone …Syria is being lost and Iran lined up. Then for Hizbullah and finally to cause some more chaos in Lebanon. With most other countries in the world falling over themselves to pander to Israeli whims , it makes me wonder what these people have that makes others so compliant.

Obama quite clearly despises Netanyahu… And yet he continues to feed him the weapons with which he can attack Iran. It’s hard to imagine anyone liking the repugnant , odious snake-like creature so why do world leaders appear to be so compliant. Many analysts have commented on the nukes that Israel have and that in actual fact it’s one of the last countries to be trusted with nuclear weapons. The contempt with which it regards international law and it’s arrogance in the face of criticism is second to none.

This morning the Royal Dutch Shell company requested  to repay a debt to Iran in medicines or food . The British government have flatly refused. In my opinion they have done so because of Israeli pressure. They want to weaken them , just like Iraq was weakened before being attacked.

So while world leaders continually stress that they ‘don’t have a problem with Iranian people’ , their actions indicate otherwise.  Sanctions killed many thousands of Iraqi children before they were invaded…It looks like we don’t see a problem with killing children to achieve a political or imperial aim.

There is a concerted effort to discredit Iran with Canada coming to the fore after arresting some terror suspects. A claim of cooperation between Iran and Al Qaida has been made. My understanding is that the two are about as far apart (politically) as you can get. This view is supported by a number of so called experts who seem to refute the embarrassing claims.


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