Alleged chemical weapons in Syria

The claims being being made about chemical weapons in Syria are the silliest accusations since Saddam was set up over ten years ago. The main US protagonist is Senator McCain and he’s wanted the Americans to invade Syria for a long time. In fact, he wants the US to invade every Middle Eastern country that isn’t run by a compliant dictator (purely to diminish the ability of nations to protect themselves against Israel aggression). The US Senators should concentrate on their own problems instead of the treacherous Israeli’s. They are elected as representatives of the US. McCain was taken apart by Obama when he challenged for the Presidency, his stupidity laid bare for all to see but it doesn’t stop the US media from producing every hate filled word he says.

The so called evidence supporting the chemical weapon claim are probably the weakest argument I’ve ever seen. The alleged victims of the attack would look more at home on the set of film. Chemical weapons are described WMD for a reason and it’s not intended to be used to attack three people and cause them minor irritation.

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