Assad did it!!!!

Anything that happens in the vicinity of Syria is blamed on Assad. Even though the free Syrian army have admitted to car bombs in Damascus and other Syrian cities it seems suspicion does not fall on them. I find this rather surprising.


Think about this……..

…When a member of your family is waiting for urgent medical treatment on the NHS or indeed whilst they are shoved in a corridor awaiting life saving attention. Think about all the ‘austerity’  we are having forced on us when you become aware that William Hague has given a £20 million stockpile of weapons to the chemical weapons using terrorists of the FSA.

Mr Hague , Tony Blair set a precedent for avoiding war crimes thus far ……… You aren’t  made with the same kind of Teflon that he was made of…You might get away with it short-term but don’t get too comfortable…..

Above the law

Why are Israel allowed to attack it’s neighbours and not be condemned by NATO? A perceived build up of weapons/forces in a particular area usually results in threats from NATO towards other countries. Unprovable claims by Israel about chemical weapons being shipped to ‘rogue elements’  aren’t evidence at all . I recall Mark Regev denying Israeli use of White Phosphorus whilst images of exactly that were being shown in the background of the interview. The Israel government is probably the most belligerent , deceitful and callous authority in the world. They justify everything by reminding us of the holocaust. The immunity for their crimes shouldn’t be allowed because of past crimes committed against them . The (at least) 65  years of crimes they have inflicted on the Palestinians negates any moral high ground they might claim today.

 It has been announced that the BBC will not be showing a documentary originally called ‘Exile. A Myth Unearthed’ by Ilan Ziv. First of all they changed it’s name to Jerusalem – An Archaeological Story to try to deceive potential critics then they decided not to show it at all , despite enthusing over the film. The film maker has investigated the background to the BBC’s odd behaviour and his conclusions make interesting reading.