The British police

I have always thought there was something rather dubious about wanting to be a police officer. On joining the force your current circle of friends (normally) disappear, you have become part of a very exclusive club... Unfortunately this club don't mix well with 'the general public'. Recent revelations of undercover police using the identities of … Continue reading The British police


Invisible terrorists in London!

  Here are some quotes on the BBC website  by a journalist called Nick Bleake: Londoners are at risk of being killed in one of the increasing number of pavement explosions in the capital, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) fears. Figures obtained by BBC London show reported incidents of underground explosions more than tripled … Continue reading Invisible terrorists in London!


The shocking images from Qusair prove that there are no winners in war . Meanwhile  the usual suspects have decided to use the 'chemical weapons' mantra again (US , France and UK). The radio reports this morning were constantly debating when the red line of chemical weapons will be crossed , almost urging Obama to intervene. … Continue reading Qusair