Invisible terrorists in London!


Here are some quotes on the BBC website  by a journalist called Nick Bleake:

Londoners are at risk of being killed in one of the increasing number of pavement explosions in the capital, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) fears.

Figures obtained by BBC London show reported incidents of underground explosions more than tripled between 2011 and 2012.

In 2010, there were 12 underground explosions reported to the HSE.

Although that fell to eight in 2011, last year the figure jumped to 29. So far this year, there have been 12 blasts.

We need to demand action on these unprovoked attacks. I suggest bringing all the soldiers (who are killing foreigners in their own lands) back to London to suppress this increasing threat.  A ‘War on Pavement Explosions’ seems appropriate.

Sadly the main political parties tend to want to stir up shit abroad rather than deal with our own problems which is odd when pleasing people in far away lands will not get them re-elected , if indeed they do ‘please’ them. Interfere and control are more apt words. I wonder why they are so obsessed with dictators abroad ? I could understand it the UK had many ex pats there but ‘we’ don’t. Oil? Iraq  and Libya perhaps but not Syria…Iran , most certainly oil…. Major UK and US companies still have visions of re-acquiring prized assets in Iran that were seized back in the revolution of 1979.

A moderate candidate yesterday won the Iranian election …. Perhaps some conciliatory messages from opponents of Iran should be forthcoming? Not a bit of it , Israel have demanded the pressure be maintained and so far as I’m aware not a word from US and UK governments. Iran is no threat to anyone even if they did have nukes it would be a defensive measure to counter the daily threats from Israel and the US. Most of their domestically manufactured weapons are defensive in nature , no one seems to mention this fact though.

Putin has told Cameron he’s a bloodthirsty war-monger and I agree with him completely. It’s very sad that I should side with nasty piece of work like Putin against my own countries leading politician. If Putin is so bad , what does that say about Cameron …….


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