The British police

I have always thought there was something rather dubious about wanting to be a police officer. On joining the force your current circle of friends (normally) disappear, you have become part of a very exclusive club… Unfortunately this club don’t mix well with ‘the general public’. Recent revelations of undercover police using the identities of deceased babies to protect them during their numerous missions hasn’t gone down well with those outside of the club.  ‘Protect yourself from identity theft’ the advertisements say…. But who will protect the parents of these tragic children from police authorities?

Undercover police have been used in countless cases …. Infiltrating subversive groups such as ecological and animal rights activists. Some of these officers have had sexual liaisons with women in these campaign groups , talk about going beyond the call of duty. Now it seems the family of an innocent lad murdered on the streets of London were investigated at the same time a totally discredited and corrupt investigation was ongoing in the search for the killers. What on earth did the police think they would gain from discrediting the family of the murdered young man? It’s time for a very big shake up in our policing system. The cowards in charge need removing and the best of the current force promoted in their place. Clearly the Oxbridge lot have failed, probably because they are too busy protecting their Oxbridge pals…The politicians and businessmen.

Meanwhile , austerity is yet to be felt by the masses because the teeth have only just pressed against the skin. There are dark days ahead for social services , NHS and lots of other public organisations that do extremely important work. We need to imitate the Turkish and Brazilian protests and get on the streets before the club get stocked up on water cannons and toxic fume dispersers. Osborne and his pals are keeping the pressure on US to pay for the criminal stupidity of the BANKERS. Meanwhile the bonuses only slowed down briefly while we were all watching , now that its been slightly forgotten , the bonuses are back up to their disgusting levels prior to the crash.

The NSA revelations proving that the US and UK governments are doing things for each other that would be illegal if they did it themselves don’t seem to have caused the shock that may have been expected. People don’t seem to have investigated further …Only a little bit of scratching at the surface reveals the customary Israeli company lurking in the background. As many observers have said in the past , Israel is the retreat for criminals who would be prosecuted elsewhere.


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