I was trying to find out the distance between the point most north and south of the West Bank to get an idea of the area involved and rough distances. Google maps was having none of it , it didn’t recognise either Jenin or Dahriya so I was unable to get even a rough estimate of the distance between  the two places. Then I thought ‘hmm, try from Haifa to Askelon (roughly the most northern and southerly points of Israel)’. Sure enough , the results came up immediately , as we have come to expect with Google (unless of course you are Palestinian). It appears that from top to bottom the West Bank is around 150 km. It appears there are around 100 fixed check points but are also many mobile onse that be situated anywhere at very short notice

I’ve just been watching this:

I went to a football match just a few weeks ago to watch the team I’ve supported since childhood , I was also born there …Oldham Athletic. It was the final home game of the season and although not a wonderful game , exciting and great atmosphere all the same. Its around 170 km between my home and Oldham’s Boundary Park ground. If I had to go through an area with similar check point numbers as in the West Bank I would have had to set off at least a day before , maybe even two (or more , I don’t really know). I set off to the ground at about 12-00 mid-day and got there very comfortably before kick off, certainly nearer 2 than 3 o’clock.  Would it put me off going if I had to travel through an area full of check points like the Palestinians endure? It most certainly would. For instance , I get every Saturday off. I would have to take two days holiday besides my normal day off (I’m sure the work situation in Palestine is a world away from the conditions I have here in the UK).

What could possibly be the purpose of these check points? Various experts have debated it , far more knowledgeable than I am but after looking at the evidence , I conclude that it is purely to heap misery on the Palestinians. I can think of no other purpose for internal check points in the West Bank other than this. Why? Again , the only thing I can think of is to try and make them so miserable they want to move away. Surreptitious ethnic cleansing.

However , just as important in this equation is the resilience of the Palestinians  , maybe Netanyahu should take a look at this resilience too.



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