Mysterious legal anomalies.

Just lately , while thinking about the way the US is blocking every available avenue open to Edward Snowden , I have to ask the question why? What heinous crime has he committed that would inspire that ‘law abiding’ US President Obama to use every trick in the book to make Snowden’s life a misery? If he was a banker who through negligence and lies inflicted the worst banking crisis in living history he would be given a big fat bonus and probably be honoured and praised by his fellow ruling class pals.

What exactly has Snowden done? Not a lot. He’s simply revealed what anyone with a moderate amount of scepticism knew anyhow … That the powers that be are addicted to spying on us all. It’s gone way past the time that the general population should be ignorant to what is going on. We have  at our fingertips information that equates to a thousand libraries or more. It will be scant consolation to be able to tell our friends and relatives in future years  ‘I told you so ……’


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