If it’s not apartheid , what is it?

One group are allowed to use premium roads another group are not.

One are allowed to build without planning permission , the other not.

One allowed to move freely , the other constantly hindered and having to wait hours to get through hundreds of  checkpoints.

One can import and export whatever they want including many arms shipments , the other is under siege.

One can be imprisoned without charge for long periods , the other allowed to trample on their human rights at will.

One allowed to have nuclear weapons , the other prohibited from even owning a gun to defend themselves and being labelled terrorists if they do.

One is supported and financed by the most powerful nation on earth , the other aren’t  even allowed to be supported by generous friends.

While I type this , thousands of Palestinians are being hounded from their homes to make way for the other group to build their own homes on that land. Obviously they don’t want to be seen to do this so they claim they are being cleared to use the area for a firing range and it’s for their own safety. Evidently their usual firing range (Gaza) isn’t large enough even with it’s plentiful moving targets.

Every US president through many of the recent administrations have unwaveringly supported this religious state , no matter what crimes they commit on the indigenous people. Obama is no different and despite many peoples hope of an even handed peace negotiator , the cowardly President has allowed the thug Netanyahu to do anything he wants to.

It’s such a shame that a black man (the irony) has allowed the most belligerent Israeli president since the last one to push him around like a Chess piece … To further his and his country’s promotion of the Jewish state of Israel.

(Errors corrected thanks to the accurate observations of Christina.)


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