The Middle East ‘peace process’ is a fraud.

All the hype related to the so called Israel/Palestine peace process is a fraud. The Israelis have absolutely no intention of reaching a deal and the Palestinian ‘leadership’ are anything but legitimate. The Palestinians in the West Bank haven’t been given a choice of President since 2005 and Abbas is so pro-Israel I’m surprised he doesn’t wear a kippah.

The current Palestinian government simply make themselves wealthy by carrying out instructions from Tel Aviv. Hence the reason why Hamas did so well in the Gaza elections… Fatah’s corruption is no secret.

The reason I know Israel will not agree to a peaceful conclusion is because the moment a peace agreement is be made , it would be the end of the Israeli land and resource grab, it won’t happen. After years of using foreign government friends and media domination to convince everyone that it is the Palestinians who are the extremists , we need only look at the current Israeli government to understand that is certainly not the case these days.

I used a map of the region and highlighted Israeli ‘settlements’ in red.settlements edit

I need to stress that  this isn’t a comprehensive map of the situation but just a guide to help people understand that the two state solution is already dead ….. Unless the Israelis have a civil war to evict all the obnoxious bullying settlers that are armed to the teeth.

On top of all that , the supposed mediator in these peace discussions is quite clearly biased towards the Israelis. Just take a look at all the veto’s at the UN the Americans have used to defend Israel.


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