The evidence is being investigated by UN CW experts... But it's too little too late says Hague. Isn't that odd ...They are in Syria investigating use of CW from weeks ago so if the investigations from four days after the event are futile , what does that say about the previous allegations of CW's? Kerry … Continue reading Syria


Cowardly Hague

After ignoring previous alleged chemical attacks in Syria that have indicated that the Western armed terrorists could have been responsible , William Hague thinks he's finally found his excuse to send our armed forces to the region. I can't recall him making any statements last week when 400 hundred Kurds were massacred in Northern Syria … Continue reading Cowardly Hague

“Syria conflict: ‘Chemical attacks’ kill hundreds”

....Claims the BBC and it's other mainstream media allies. This is at least the fourth such claim from the BBC , all of which are allegations by 'Syrian activists'. They totally ignored the Russian investigations over a previous claim and don't appear to find it curious because the UN investigators are only ten miles away … Continue reading “Syria conflict: ‘Chemical attacks’ kill hundreds”