The evidence is being investigated by UN CW experts… But it’s too little too late says Hague. Isn’t that odd …They are in Syria investigating use of CW from weeks ago so if the investigations from four days after the event are futile , what does that say about the previous allegations of CW’s?

Kerry suggests it’s a done deal , the Syrian regime did it…This despite all the available evidence pointing to the terrorist rebels. Russia has incontrovertible evidence , it claims but we don’t have to rely on any government if we don’t want to. The videos purporting to show the result of Chemical Weapons in Syria were uploaded to youtube…. The problem is that they were uploaded the day before the alleged attack happened! Furthermore , the videos show that the films were taken in daylight , despite the attack happening at 3-00 am.




It’s unlikely Assad would have sanctioned this attack knowing the repercussions that would follow.

It seems like Hague and Cameron are going to get the British political system to support an attack on Syria. Not that many MP’s are likely to read this page but I urge them not to implicate themselves in a War Crime by voting against any military action against Syria.

The fragmentation of every Israel neighbour is the aim of trying to oust Assad,. Whilst the Arabs are fighting amongst themselves they have no time to attack Israel.


Cowardly Hague

After ignoring previous alleged chemical attacks in Syria that have indicated that the Western armed terrorists could have been responsible , William Hague thinks he’s finally found his excuse to send our armed forces to the region. I can’t recall him making any statements last week when 400 hundred Kurds were massacred in Northern Syria by the ‘Syrian rebels’. This resulted in thousands of Kurds fleeing their homes to find refuge. Despite these claims being allegations . Hague  in his wisdom as already tried and convicted Assad.  In a statement today (after Assad had given permission for the UN inspectors to visit the crime scene) Hague decides access to the CW site is now pointless because all the evidence will have been removed.  Perhaps nobody told him that the attack was in rebel controlled areas where theoretically they had every reason to preserve evidence. What drives Hague’s compulsion to use UK forces to attack yet another Muslim dominated country?

It’s reported that Hague has been in the Conservative Friends of Israel since he was 15 and despite sporadic criticism of him by Israeli government officials he bends over backwards to show his support . It should be mentioned he’s not alone. 80 % of Conservative MP’s are ‘Friends of Israel’ . I wonder if there are so many in the Friends of Palestine? Is there even a group called Friends of Palestine?

“Syria conflict: ‘Chemical attacks’ kill hundreds”

….Claims the BBC and it’s other mainstream media allies. This is at least the fourth such claim from the BBC , all of which are allegations by ‘Syrian activists’. They totally ignored the Russian investigations over a previous claim and don’t appear to find it curious because the UN investigators are only ten miles away from the scene of this crime.

It’s as if the MSM don’t even care how ridiculous these ‘revelations’ are. Maybe they are right , the mass majority of the people don’t care anyhow.

I do care. I care that everything is being set up for a UN attack on Syria followed by a a US/Israel attack on Iran. The bloodthirsty rulers of the world have no shame nor conscience.

Nurturing peace ……

I don’t claim to have all the answers regarding the Israel/Palestine conflict , I simply try to observe and analyse the actions and words of all the parties involved. My preceding post was about my firm belief that the so called ‘peace process’ being a ruse.

As if to confirm my accusation , I should thank the Israeli government for providing wonderful evidence to support me in the last few days. First of all they announce settlement expansion only a few days before beginning direct talks with the Palestinians and then confirm that the prisoners they are going to release (as a gesture of goodwill , I assume) are not going to be quite straightforward as we had expected.

The settlement announcement speaks for itself. The last peace negotiations were halted because of another announcement to build illegal Israeli outposts. It’s not rocket science to understand why they did it again.

It’s claimed the prisoners will be of very ‘low risk’ and also long term detainees. However these prisoners were supposed to be released over 20 years ago but Israel back pedalled and declared they wouldn’t be released because of the ‘blood on their hands.’

Anyone remotely acquainted with how the Israeli justice system deals with Palestinians could conclude that the convictions were probably unsafe anyhow but that’s another story. It should also be stated that these prisoners were due to be released anyhow , having carrying out most of their sentences. Whether they will be allowed to return to their homes is a different matter. Israel has a history of deporting them to opposing factions strongholds. This of course would still render them imprisoned because it’s almost impossible to enter or leave Gaza…Especially if you have some kind of perceived criminal record.